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Gibraltar Swim


On the 8th August 2015 I successfully swam the Gibraltar Straits in 5 hours and 23 minutes.

A full write up of the swim and the epic drive from Northumberland to Tarifa and all the adventures along the way can be found here on the swim blog or you can just watch the film of the swim – but then you would miss out on the crazy Airbnb near Bayonne,  the visit to my late Grandfathers Castle in Salvatierra de los Barros in Spain, giant cockroaches, conceptual tapas, falling trees, thunderstorms and not to mention the swim itself!

July 8th 2015 – Tarifa Spain to Cires Point Morocco

Time: 5 hours 23 minutes

492nd person since 1928

101st woman since 1928

12th UK woman since 1928

Distance : 17km

Boat: Columba Uno

Wind: variable force 3

Water: 23 degrees

Support Crew: Paula, Alison and Sarah

Pilots and safety : Ferdinand Antonio and Suzi


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